Heritage Bank Past Questions And Answers Download PDF Original Copy

Heritage Bank Past Questions: Are You among the candidates who will be writing heritage bank job aptitude test exams? if yes then you need to download these past questions and Learn what to expect in the exam, and plan past questions and answers faster with this modified. It’s a full research pack to help you master usually repeated aptitude test questions for Heritage Bank graduate entry position. read and see how to answer the questions without stress.

Heritage Bank Past Questions And Answers Download PDF Original Copy

Heritage Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions Study Pack

This Ebook is a collection of aptitude test questions and answers collated from previous recruitment exercises of Heritage Bank. It is regularly updated with recent questions as made available by our agents in different recruiting firms all over the federation. This book will be helpful to candidates invited to the aptitude screening test of the bank as it will enable them to prepare accordingly.

Heritage Bank Aptitude Test Format

Just like most bank aptitude tests, the Heritage Bank work aptitude test format depends on the position, level and year of recruitment. The Heritage Bank research evaluation kit guarantees that you have properly explored all of the areas in which you will be tested. Heritage Bank Check is carried out by the workforce.

Heritage Bank Aptitude Tests Questions Are Derived from these Core Areas:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Current Affairs
  • History
  • Common Knowledge


1. Which one of the following represents statistical data?

  • (a) The names of all owners of shops located in a shopping complex
  • (b) A list giving the names of all states of Nigeria
  • (c) A list of all African countries and their respective capital cities
  • (d) The volume of rainfall in a certain geographical area, recorded every month for 24 consecutive months
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2. The arithmetic mean of a set of 10 numbers is 20. If each number is first multiplied by 2 and increased by 5, then what is the mean of new numbers?

  • A. 20
  • B. 25
  • C. 40
  • D. 45

3. The mean of 25 observations is 36. The mean of first 13 observations is 32 and that of last 13 observations is 39. What is the value of 13th observation?

  • A. 20
  • B. 23
  • C. 32
  • D. 40

4. _____to your error the _____consignment has been delayed by a week.

  • A. According, important
  • B. Duly, urgent
  • C. Owing, entire
  • D. Added, crucial
  • E. Admitting, special

5. On account of the _______in sales, the software firm has achieved an eight percent______ in net profit.

  • A. surge, fall
  • B. increase, rise
  • C. decline, slope
  • D. hike, loss
  • E. growth, advance

How to Download Heritage Bank Past Questions & Answer PDF

Please follow the guidelines give below to make payment

Pay the sum of N2,000 to the account below:

Account No: 0258732121
Bank: GT Bank

Once we have confirmed your payment, send a text with your depositor’s name and email address to this phone number 08125457266, we will immediately send your Past Questions and Answers to your inbox or your WhatsApp in pdf format.

Assurance of Delivery Of Heritage Past Questions

If you are Not sure the past questions will be delivered to you as promised?

No need to worry about it. We get that many individuals are afraid of making transactions online, likely based on personal experiences. We want to assure you that honesty and integrity are the foundations of our services. This has again been demonstrated. With previous question sales, it’s one of the reasons we’re prominent. Our service is trustworthy. We have provided our customers with excellent and reliable services. For years now, to our clients. We would like to assure you that our priority is your satisfaction. That being said, in less than 5 minutes from payment, you can create the payments and get your past questions delivered to you.

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