NDLEA Salary Structure: Are you online seeking for how much the NDLEA  pays their workers? if yes you are in the right place. in this article, we will show you the salary structure for that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency is paying their workers if you applied for the NDLEA  recruitment I will urge you to read this article till the end. you will find out the amount that you will be receiving every month as your salary continue reading…

Before you take a blod step forward to list out the NDLEA salary structure let show you the functions that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency plays in our society today

Functions of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)

The NDLEA is in charge of the following obligations

  • Using all available funds for the complete removal of all illegal drug and psychotropic substance trafficking. In other words,
  • reducing the demand for illegal drugs and other substances.
  • Recover all the ungodly wealth obtained from illegal drug trafficking proceeds.
  • Defend, reinforce and retain the picture both at home and overseas of Nigeria and Nigerian people.
  • Make arrests where required and provide the police with drug dealers.

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NDLEA Salary Structure

First, you must understand that the NDLEA National Drug Law Enforcement Agency pays its employees based on the ranking level and the wages of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency are based on the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS). because the agency is a paramilitary.

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The annual wage for Grade Level 8 Step 1 holders of NDLEA B.sc is approximately 1.004.805, while Grade Level 8 Step 2 is approximately 1.019.357 including all allowances.

This implies that the complete wage is calculated as follows: level 8

step 1 = CONPASS + Rent Allowance =

= 1,004,805 (complete annual wage). I.e. average 83,733 (monthly) Then the HND holders positioned at Grade Level 7 Step 1 are equal to 573,287. Level 7 Step 1 = Rent Allowance = CONPASS

+ 92,273.9 = approximately 573,287 (full annual salary). I, e [ Monthly ] 44,773


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