NITDA Scholarship Test Past Questions And Answers PDF

NITDA Scholarship Test Past Questions: Need a past question about NITDA Scholarship? If so, then you’re in the right place. You are welcome to, We are pleased to inform you that we now have past questions and answers to download in PDF format for full and up-to-date NITDA scholarships. So, if you want to win a NITDA scholarship then get past questions and answers from the up-to-date NITDA scholarship to prepare for the test.

NITDA Scholarship Past Questions

NITDA Scholarship Past Questions

This book is a compilation of past NITDA Scholarship Aptitude Test questions and answers covering the first exam to date. Packaged particularly for candidates for the aptitude test 2019/2024. The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) Scholarship Scheme is a local-based scholarship program that is available for Nigerian postgraduate and undergraduate students studying courses and law related to information technology.

The Nature of the NITDA Scholarship Past Questions

The NITDA scholarship aptitude test is divided into three parts, like many other scholarship exams, which are numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and logical reasoning testing. All three parts attempt to test the preparedness, practicality, and analytical skill of a candidate. Calculators are strictly forbidden, and their use leads to the immediate disqualification of the candidate(s) involved.

How to Pass the NITDA Scholarship Aptitude Test

Our research team has cracked the mystical influence of the NITDA over the applicants for the scholarship through extensive analysis and has discovered the one vulnerability that can be exploited to the benefit of the applicant. This is the recycling of questions from previous years into subsequent aptitude tests due to the test organism’s failure to continue to produce new questions year after year. Hence, this package is bundled as an advantage over the scholarship kid and is the easiest way to obtain this scholarship without stress for any candidate. Get this kit today, and that will make NITDA a thing of the past.

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Free NITDA Scholarship Test Past Questions

Recent research indicates that a significant minority of hedge fund managers misrepresent their fund’s performance to investors during due diligence investigations. Although in some instances the discrepancies were due to managers’ unfamiliarity with procedures and legal processes, in half the case manager verbally stated incorrect information. These findings can only be a further blow to an already battered industry. 

1. Most hedge fund managers give accurate information. 

A True
B False
C.Cannot Say

2. Until this report, investment management was a highly respected business. 

A True
B False
C Cannot Say

3. Most of the discrepancies are based on an error in judgment. 

A True
B False
C Cannot Say

4. Half of the managers are not sufficiently cognisant of the facts. 

A True
B False
C. Cannot Say

5. Due diligence investigations can be considered a misnomer in many cases. 

A True
B False
C Cannot Say

6. Which of the following, represents the memory types in decreasing order of their accessing speed?

A. RAM, ROM, Cache, Magnetic tape, Hard disk
B. Cache, RAM, ROM, Hard disk, Magnetic tape
C. Magnetic tape, Hard disk, RAM, ROM, Cache

7. Which of the following is not an example of a utility program?

A. Backup software
B. Operating system
C. Anti-virus software

8. The first search engine on the internet is

A. Google
B. Archie
C. Altavista

9. What programming language is used to create programs like applets?

B. C Language
C. Java

10. The first computer virus was called

A. Rabbit
B. Creeper virus
C. Elk Cloner
D. SCA Virus

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