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Federal Teachers Scheme UBEC Past Questions:  Did you apply for the Federal Teachers Scheme recruitment?  if yes Download the UBEC exam past questions papers for the 2024 recruitment aptitude test into the Federal Teachers Scheme (FTS). This article will guide you on how to download the past questions without stress.

Federal Teachers Scheme UBEC Past Questions And Answers PDF

UBEC Past Question and Answers For CBT Screening Test PDF Download

A lot of people had the vision to work with the Federal Teachers Scheme but not all candidates who took the exams will be shortlisted for employment due to failure in the screening exams. do you want to pass the Federal Teachers Scheme CBT Screening Exams? if yes Download our Federal Teachers Scheme Exam past questions that is the only way you can pass the exams.

 Why You Need Federal Teachers Scheme CBT Past Questions

This UBEC exam material is a must for anyone who wants to achieve an outstanding career in the Federal Teachers Scheme(FTS) as opposed to other teachers recruitment past questions. The UBEC CBT exam is very difficult yet not easy to succeed because there are only very few teachers that they recruit.

Besides that, the candidates who can practice our  past UBEC questions and answers intensively have a very good chance of succeeding in the CBT test because the content is accurate with up-to-date questions that you will see in the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) Recruitment exam

Federal Teachers Scheme Exam Format

While the format of UBEC exams is kind of equivalent to that of SUBEB Exams, their series of questions are completely different. UBEC CBT Test is more competent and advanced. Therefore it is highly important to have technical expertise in teaching, which is why it is often essential to download and study our past UBEC questions and answers before going to write the UBE Exams. Below is the core area in which questions are drawn from.

  • Advance teaching professorial questions
  • Pure mathematics
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Advanced English Language
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Current affairs
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Samples of Federal Teachers Scheme UBEC Past Questions

The past questions you are about to study was compiled by Guide Empire and drafted from Federal Teachers Scheme Exam questions from the past years. The UBEC exams will be a Computer Base Test (CBT), where you will be given 100 questions to answer online. During the examination, you will be expected to answer questions. The options ticked with red are the correct answers.

1. Tools that drive appropriate education for learners with disabilities.

a) Open
b) Inclusive Education
c) Individualized Education & Family Service Programmes
d) Group Educational Programmes

2. Principles of organizing includes the following except—-

a) Evaluation
b) Cooperation
c) Unity of Objective
d) Diversity of Objective.

3. The following are examples of the new book of knowledge (NBK)

a) Specialized Encyclopedia
b) General Dictionary
c) General Encyclopedia
d) Subject Directory

4. “Impressions made upon the children at home determines the child’s personality”, is a concept of—

a) Para-analysis
b) Socio-analysis
c) Psycho-analysis
d) Psycholinguistics

5. Tools that aid the education of the visually impaired exclude the following…

a) Talking Calculator
b) The Braille
c) Simulations
d) Duxbury word processor

6. The import of research in special need education excludes to—

a) Evaluate authenticity of concepts in the field.
b) Assess effects of beliefs and decisions
c) Assess effectiveness of programme

7. Dominant large class sizes especially in Nigerian schools can be curbed using Montessori’s model of–

a) Freedom of the child
b) Individualized Instruction
c) Professional Training of Teachers
d) Sensory and Physical exercise

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8. “Ultimate Reality” in view of idealist is

a) Physical
b) Mental
c) Material
d) Objective

9. Environment of effective classroom interaction is

a) Noisy
b) Silent
c) Interactive
d) Engaging

10. Which of the theories most emphasize the teachers role

a) Cognitive
b) Behaviorism
c) Gestalt
d) Instructional Theory

How to Download Federal Teachers Scheme Recruitment Past Questions

Please follow the guidelines give below to make payment

Past questions and answers for the Federal Teachers Scheme  Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers cost about 2,000  (only two thousand nairas).

Account No: 0258732121
Bank: GT Bank

After we have verified your order, send a text with the name and email address of your depositor to this telephone number 08125457266, we will automatically deliver your Past Questions and Answers to your Inbox or WhatsApp in pdf format.

Having followed this writing from the beginning, through the Federal Teachers Scheme recruitment screening, you can now understand that you have what it takes to succeed. The main content is the recruitment of past questions from the Federal Teachers Scheme UBEC, which will help you plan very well and ultimately enter the shortlisted applicants. Remember that the exams is coming up on Saturday 10 October for you to succeed requires early preparation make the right choice now

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