UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions And Answers | Download PDF Original Copy

You can now Download UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions and Answers; Did you participated in the JAMB that has just been completed and you have been looking for UNIPORT post utme past questions to support your progress and results in the post utme 2024/2024? if so then You’re in the right place. As we have said severely that in preparing for any review, particularly UNIPORT Post UTME, the importance of past questions can not be underestimated. read below you will have all the guidelines on how to download the past questions without stress. you can also download UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions & Answers  PDF Original Copy

UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions And Answers  | Download PDF Original Copy

UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions For Science 

This PDF contains the official post-UTME Past Questions and Answers at the University of Port-Harcourt (UNIPORT) for all the Faculties and Departments of Education, Pharmaceutical and Basic Medical Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Agriculture. The above-mentioned Faculties or Departments (Courses) make up the same issues and thus have each problem in common. UNIPORT usually questions all relevant subjects on the faculties specified for this content, including Mathematics.

UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions For Arts

We have University of Port Harcourt past questions that cover all Art departments you can place your order now

Why You Should Get the Uniport Past Question Paper

The Port Harcourt University is a highly competitive institution. Just a small percentage of the total number of students eligible for admission to the university. The key to good student selection is the aggregate ranking. To get a high aggregate score, you need to get a piece of practice like the Past Questions and Answers Uniport Post Screening Exercise. We discovered that the University of Port Harcourt has replicated its past questions over the years. If you get this past question and answer, before your exam date, you can understand the question pattern and logical solutions to them.

To help you practice thoroughly on how to finish 50 questions in 30 minutes, you need to get this Past Questions and Answers for Uniport Post Utme You can also measure the overall score for each lesson, as it comes with answers and explanations. This will allow you to realize how much risk you’re in.

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UNIPORT Post UTME Screening Sample Questions 2024/2024

Question one 

Elects the word opposite in meaning to that underlined
. A book on style without abundant example seems to me as ineffectual as a book on table without abundant illustrations

A. Useless
B. Difficult
C. Interesting
D. Satisfactory
E. Attractive

Question two 

Choose the option nearest meaning to the word(s) in italics.
10. The hefty warder comes in and all the pride snuffed out their cigarettes

A. extinguished
B. put out
C. squeezed
D. putdown

Question three 

The senior prefect had to carry the can of refused to identify the culprit

A. dispose the can of refuse
B. account responsibility
C. be made one of the can
D. bear the brunt.

Question four 

The news of his performance in the examination has made Okechukwu boisterous

A. highly laudable
B. dejected
C. elated
D. pompous.

Question five

The builder’s taste reflected a superb choice

A. excellent
B. superlative
C. expensive
D. too much.

Question six 

choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase(s)
14. The president had a colossal loss

A. Inflamed
B. Disturbing
C. Intense
D. Lively

Question seven 

Mary stole the day’s takings from the bakery

A. Receipts
B. Collections
C. Contributions
D. Offerings

Question eight 

The administrator’s apathy was soon noticed by all his subordinates

A. Indifference
B. Kindness
C. Concern
D. Inefficiency

Question nine 

The way he handled the whole issue was rather despicable

A. disturbing
B. likable
C. contemptible
D. frustrating.

Question ten 

choose the word(s) or phrase (s) which best fill(s) the gaps.
 The school will…. for Easter in another six weeks

A. break on
B. breakaway
C. break out
D. break

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Question eleven 

The man rose to an important position as a result of…… hard work

A. shear
B. cheer
C. sham
D. sheer

Question twelve 

The attitude of my students to ……..baffles me.

A. Pronunciation
B. Pronounciation
C. Pronunceation
D. Pronounceation.

Question thirteen

 He……by now, I can hear all the people shouting

A. would have arrived
B. must have arrived
C. had arrived
D. should have arrived.

Question fourteen

fill each gap with the appropriate option from the list following the gap  In ……we, as a politician, are identified with the masses

A. a deeper sense
B. a much deeper sense
C. a most deeper sense
D. much more deeper sense.

How to Download UNIPORT POST UTME Past Questions & Answer PDF

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