NPower CBT Exams Past Questions 2024:  The Npower recruitment past questions are available with correct answers for download, for the benefit of candidates who applied for the Npower recruitment that will be writing the Npower CBT screening Exams which will commence soon. Click here and check the Npower screening date which was announced by the Federal Government. read below in this article, Here you will have genuine information on how you can succeed in the Npower Cbt exams with the help of our past questions.

Npower Batch C CBT Recruitment Past Questions And Answers for 2024 Exams


About Npower Empowerment Programme 2024

Through the Npower scheme, the Nigerian government provides 300,000 youth jobs per year. Your chance to get employed for the NPower Program, however, depends on passing the test. Get past NPower questions and answers NOW to pass the CBT exam and get Npower jobs by 2024.

Apart from the students, the number of young people who have not attended tertiary institutions is also teeming. Aljazeera estimated in 2019 that 55.4 percent of Nigerians aged 15 to 35 are unemployed. The Nigerian government has launched the NPower Programme to reduce this number. Since this initiative aims to educate Nigerian youth with sealable skills, monthly stipends are also paid. Npower will pay you the stipends for a period of between 3 months and 2 years, depending on your field of interest.

Since the Nigerian government wants to attract the right applicants, therefore, they have to screen them. For Nigerian youth, the Npower system is not a right, but a career for which you will work hard. If you really desire to benefit from the recruitment of NPower in 2024, you have to work hard for that. Before the CBT exam, you will have to get our NPower past questions and answers from us to start training. Let’s show you why past questions on the NPower test will strengthen your application From.

Why Should Need the 2024 Updated Npower Exams Past Questions?

The basic reason you need to pass the NPower Test Past Questions and Answers is to pass the CBT test and get Npower jobs. In the past Npower recruitment both batch A and B, we helped countless numbers of candidates submit their online application which is typically very difficult to register and also helped most of them write the online CBT test and around 85 percent were positive because Npower repeated nearly 90 percent of past exam questions which made it so easy for us. Because of this close association with Npower-related exams, we now have in our database all of the Npower real-time exams from past questions. Therefore candidates who will hold onto this our past Npower questions papers and answers will have a real advantage over others. (Remember that the questions are usually extensively repeated in their screening exams)

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Format of Npower Past Exams / Screening Test

Understanding the format of Npower exams/screening test is the very first step to success in the exams, here we will give you an idea of the exam format to get you well educated before you get past questions and answers to the Npower exams 2024.

NPower Batch C 2024 Exams Format

The  NPower 2024 batch C recruitment Exams will be conducted on computer-based (CBT). The Npower System (NPower Teach, NPower Health, NPower Agro, and NPower Tax) test questions are based on the use of English and current affairs. The concerns about the current affair are both local and foreign. However, in some cases, you may get some questions about mathematics. Keep in mind that the questions are auto-generated, so they may differ by form.

Samples of Npower Exams Past Question and Answers (Free Examples

We are giving free 15 sample questions are given below, the full PDF material has about 200 questions and answers, we encourage you to download a PDF file to access all of Npower ‘s past questions as this batch C exam questions will be picked randomly from there.

1). a Nonagon is a shape that has how many sides?

A. 4, B. 6, C. 8, D. 9

2) We have different tiers of government politically, which one is the closest to the citizens?

A. The state government, B. Traditional ruler, C. Local government, D. Ward government

3). What is the probability of having an odd number in a single toss of a fair die?

A. 1/6, B. 1/3, C. ½, D. 2/3

4). Which of the following represents a truly democratic society?

  • A. Ensuring protection of life and property
  • B. follows the principles of equality, freedom, and justice
  • C. Provide equal education for all
  • D. All of the above

5) A teacher is expected to do all of the following except?

  • A. Help pupils to solve their academic problems through teaching
  • B. Participate in politics
  • C. Join in community service
  • D. Organize schools academic club and other schools affairs
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6) If 2x : (x+1) = 3:2, find the value of x?

A. 1½, B.  3, C. ½, D. 1

7. In agriculture, what is the first discovered bacterial disease of plants?

A. Fire blight, B. Chestnut blight, C. Downy mildew, D. Late blight

8. Emeka shouldn’t have interrupted the teacher, _______?

A. can he, B. didn’t he, C. shouldn’t he, D. should he

9. A computer hard disk is divided into tracks that are further subdivided into?

A. clusters, B. vectors, C. sectors, D. None of the above

10. When was the National Health Insurance Scheme created in Nigeria?

A. 1995, B. 1999, C. 1987, D. 2004

11. A time-bound testing program for students should be implemented in Schools so that?

  • A. A regular practice can be carried outA regular practice can be carried out
  • B. The students can be trained for final examinations
  • C. The remedial program can be adopted on the basis of the feedback from the results
  • D. The progress of the students should be informed to their parents

12. A shopkeeper purchased 200 bulbs for N10 each. However, 5 bulbs were fused and had to be thrown away. The remaining were sold at N12 each. What will be the percentage of profit? 

A. 12, B. 14, C. 44, D. 17

13. By selling a water heater for N3200, the shopkeeper incurs a loss of 20%. If he wants to earn a profit of 20%, at what price should he sell the water heater?

A. 4800, B. 4300, C. 5000, D. 6200

14. The smallest number which when diminished by 3 is divisible by 21, 28,36, and 45 is?

A. 1260, B. 423, C. 1257, D. 1263

15. A cone, hemisphere, and a cylinder stand on the same base and have the same height. The ratio of the volumes is?

A. 1:2:3, B. 2:1:3, C. 3:2:1, D. 2:3:1

How to Get the NPower CBT Past Questions and Answers

Please follow the guidelines give below to make payment

Past questions and answers for the NPower recruitment test cost about 2,000  1,000 (only one thousand naira).

Account No: 0258732121
Bank: GT Bank

Once we have confirmed your payment, send a text with your depositor’s name and email address to this phone number 08125457266, we will immediately send your Past Questions and Answers to your inbox or your WhatsApp in pdf format.

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